All students in SSSC have a weekly ICT lesson. In the Primary phase this maybe embedded within other curriculum areas.

In KS3 all students have a weekly Computing lesson. This incorporates all of the aspects of the Computing curriculum which can be split into three key areas:

  • Computer science – how computers work and how to write algorithms and solve problems to eventually create a computer program.
  • Information technology – how data is represented and managed on computers.
  • Digital literacy – how to understand digital information and interact with it safely and appropriately.

Within KS4, at Year 10 all students are entered for OCR Entry Level ICT and then at Year 11 all students are entered for OCR Functional Skills ICT.

KS4 students can also choose to do Computing as an option and as such they are entered for OCR Entry Level Computing and AIM Awards in Using Raspberry Pi Computers and Scratch Programming.