At SSSC each student is part of a house. There are 6 houses in total and they are named after Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto. Each house is vertically streamed meaning that there are students in each house from KS1 to KS4. This structure enables our young people to develop interpersonal relationships with their peers over a broad spectrum of ages.

Throughout the academic year each house competes to obtain counters for their house. The house that has obtained the most points at the end of the year is crowned Inter-house winners. The winners keep the Inter-house trophy in their house room for the year and are given a day out at a local water park as their prize.

Points can be obtained throughout the year for Outstanding/behaviour work in lessons or as part of our termly Inter-house sporting events.

  • Sports Day 2019- On Monday 15th July SSSC held our annual Sports Day event. It was a fantastic event where the whole school participated in their year groups to earn points towards their Inter-house teams. Students completed events such as running, jumping and throwing. It was a really exciting day that showcased how talented our young people are. […]
  • Sports Day 2016- On Tuesday the 12th July 2016 we had our whole school sports day. This action packed afternoon was run by the Amber Valley Partnership and provided our students with a range of exciting sporting activities. Students competed in throwing, jumping and running and relay races. All students that participated gave 100% and earned points for […]