At Swanwick School and Sports College we aim to prepare our pupils to become as independent as possible. Life Skills is an essential part of our curriculum and has been specifically designed to cater for the ever changing needs of our young people. Life Skills is delivered as three standalone lessons every week but also threaded throughout our curriculum on a daily basis.

The term “Life Skills” refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help to accomplish ambitions and live to our full potential. This is something SSSC deems as an essential part of their curriculum and school ethos.

The Life Skills curriculum at SSSC centers on essential skills such as …. “Happiness, Independence, Safeguarding, Friendships, Experiences, Employment, Interpersonal Skills and Healthy Living.”

Through the Life Skills curriculum SSSC enables our pupils to become as independent as possible and promote positive attitudes and approaches towards society. This is delivered through various tasks and lessons that develop a sense of self-worth and encourage positive relationships and promote opportunities for work in later life.

The curriculum is split into nine main areas of focus: Money, Shopping, Travel, Friendships & Relationships, Home Management, Interpersonal Skills, Time Management, Personal Skills and Hobbies. These areas lend themselves to further cross curricular links whilst also having specific sessions dedicated to these individual areas of focus.

The curriculum has been designed in three separate cohorts. Primary, Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four. The concept of this is so student’s prior knowledge is built on, revisited and enhanced as the students’ progress throughout their education.

Life Skills Week

In February 2018 while the ski trip was taking place the rest of the school had a change of timetable with lots of different activities for our annual Life Skills Week.

These included Forest Schools, Day Trips, Multi-sports, Cycling, Craft, Cooking, School Nurse and Local Walks.