Parental Comments for March 2018

When asked what our parents/carers like most about Swanwick School and Sports College they said:-


“How the staff care for the children”

“Difficult to encapsulate in a short box and minimal time to demonstrate what I like about the school. As a mother of five I have had a wealth of experience within the education system. This school is OUTSTANDING, quite remarkably so. A learning environment with dedicated teaching staff, in a friendly approachable atmosphere, appropriate curriculum that encourages students to really reach their potential. They are individual but all included.”

“It is just a good school for my son. He is so happy.”

“I have only had very positive interactions with the school. I have nothing but praise for the school and all the teachers. They seem to have really great relationships with the kids.”

“I couldn’t wish for my daughter to be in a better run school, everyone is amazing and my daughter is so happy here. Well done SSSC staff!”

“My daughter loves the school staff and pupils. This makes my daughter’s life better and happy.”

“Just a great school. Thank you for all your efforts and support for me and my son.”

“The talent show is wonderful because the children can all be themselves and are valued.”

“The school has a great atmosphere. Teachers always appear very enthusiastic with the children and proud of the children’s achievements. My child loves going to the school and with their help he is becoming a confident, outgoing and well educated person.”

“My son is really happy in school. He enjoys everything within school.”

“Approachable staff.”

“A full range of sports activities for the children and art visits and opportunities for children to experience many visits as possible.”

“Great opportunities for kinesthetic learning.”

“Class sizes are manageable and children feel safe/secure and happy in an environment to learn.”

“There is a wide range of opportunities available.”

“How they cater to a child’s individual needs.”

“The staff work hard to enable the students to achieve academically.”

“The staff encourage friendships between students.”

“That my child has been made to feel welcomed and is encouraged to try new things. Welcoming atmosphere.”

“The positive atmosphere.”

“Good socialisation, staff and environment.”

“The friendly staff, the sense of well being and the ethos of the school.”

“The close knit community atmosphere.”

“Always welcoming.”

“Always contactable and happy to discuss anything.”

“The staff are brilliant, they have done loads with my son. My son has made progress and improved loads in all his work.”

“That they help me with any issues I have regarding my child.”

“Fantastic Staff, very friendly.”

“The atmosphere.”

“Care and support from teachers for pupils.”

“The fact my son goes to school with a smile and returns with a smile.”

“I love how all the pupils look after one another.”

“It’s really easy to communicate.”

“The care and support my daughter has received since being here.”

“The staff!”

“I know my child is happy here.”



Parental Comments for March 2017

When asked what our parents like most about Swanwick School and Sports College they said:-

“Everything! It’s well organised and run with highly dedicated-super skilled teaching staff.”

“The staff at Swanwick School and Sports College are the best asset. My child has only been with you a short time but I can already see you are bringing the best out in her. Thank you. “

“Friendly, clean, lots of incentives to improve behavior and very dedicated staff. “

“That my child has settled and is really enjoying school life and always returns home with a smile.”

“Doing sports and all the outdoor activities.”

“That my son has made progress not only educationally but socially. This is the first time my child has wanted to come to school in a very long time.”

“Feel my children are learning all the time.”

“Friendly children, kind to my child and everyone seems very approachable. My child is extremely happy here.”

“Very helpful on anything I have concerns about.”

“Seeing how my child has built confidence and esteem. She is a happy young lady now.”

“Absolutely fantastic school, so supportive with myself and my child.”

“Safe environment.”

“My child is very happy and doing really well. The staff are great, brilliant school.”

“Since my child started Swanwick School and Sports College he has come on leaps and bounds and now enjoys coming to school.”

“Builds students strengths, to build confidence.”

“Very good at listening to concerns and fixing them.”

“Quick turn around of any issues/problems in and out of school hours.”

“Inclusive nature of school and it’s fantastic Reward Schemes.”

“My child is happy to go to school everyday and I know they want the best for him and really care.”

“My child attends the hub, a very welcoming and homely environment.”

“It’s like one big family. Non- judgmental, respectful. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

“Time for individuals. Fair, firm and friendly. Each child is respected as an individual and treated as such.”

“My child has participated in activities what dreams are made of.”

“It gives support and encouragement throughout my child’s school years.”

“The progress my child has made. He is turning into a lovely young man which the school has helped him achieve.”

“That every child is included in everything and every aspect of learning is arranged according to abilities.”

“Whenever I email any concerns, I am always replied to quickly and our concerns are sorted out ASAP. This means my child will attend school knowing staff understand his needs and will do their best to help him relax enough to learn.”

Parents thoughts on Swanwick School and Sports College April 2016

When asked what our parents like most about Swanwick School and Sports College they said:-

“Staff are friendly and approachable.”

“Small class sizes.”

“Site is very secure.”

“Staff are passionate about their jobs, providing education to those who need it.”

“My child is so happy when she comes home, she always talks about how much fun she has had. I think the staff are amazing.”

“It is a friendly atmosphere and the staff do all they can to help the children achieve their goals.”

“Thank you for getting my child to the end of secondary education and hopefully to college.”

I am so pleased that my child is settled and happy to get up in the morning with a positive attitude to attending SSSC. His confidence and whole demeanor has changed and that is down to SSSC, Thank you.”

“Communication from school to parents. Now my child enjoys coming to school.”

“I can be confident that my child’s teaching and learning is appropriate to him and that he gets the attention he needs. I feel he would be lost in a mainstream school.”

“I love the fact that my child is enthusiastic about coming to school every day.”

“Their values and the way they treat every child as important as every other child.”

“I would like to say a BIG Thank you to all the staff at SSSC. It is a pleasure to see my child happy.”

“That it is not too big and makes my child feel safe, the staff know all the children.”

“They have given my daughter so much. She has come on so much since being here.”

“I only wish my daughter had come here sooner.”


“Lovely atmosphere, staff welcoming and helpful.”

“The school is very well managed; I appreciate all the hard work ad dedication given by the staff.”

“I feel very comfortable when liaising with member of staff if I have concerns with my child, whether it be education, health or personal.”

“There is always a fantastic atmosphere in school. The students are always smiling.”

“It is a well managed school and the staff have been brilliant in all circumstances.”

“My child has always been behind or out of his age bracket for learning, now he is near enough where he should be thanks to the staff at SSSC. Thank you.”