Students thoughts on Swanwick School and Sports College January 2017

When asked what our students like most about Swanwick School and Sports College they said:-


“The teachers get me”

“We go to awesome places”

“Less bullying than anywhere else”

“We love our uniform; it’s quite cool and really comfortable”

“ICT opportunities”

“The All Weather pitch”

“Prepares you for college”

“Teachers are kind”

“Excellent real life opportunities”


“Amazing dinners”

“French and Theme lessons”

“Choosing time”

“Epraise points”

“They give you work that is suitable for your level.”


“The lessons and choice for learning”

 “Interesting lessons”

“Varied lessons”

“Opportunities to go on lots of trips”

“Amazing teachers and teaching assistants”

“Nice classrooms”

“Come to school with all your friends”