Key Stage 4 Options:

Offering an individualised pathway...

In KS4 students are given the opportunity to pick their own vocational subjects.

At SSSC we choose specific pathways at KS4 is to maximise each pupils success through an accredited organisation.

Every Option that the students participate in will be accredited. We have a very diverse syllabus and use a vast selection of  qualifications. We tailor the students curriculum to ensure they are achieving to the best of their individual abilities. All subjects are accredited through Aim Awards, Princes Trust, BTEC, Functional Skills, OCR Entry Level or GCSE.

Subjects and qualifications currently available for KS4 Options at SSSC:

  • Food Technology (Aim Awards)

  • Art (Aim Awards)

  • Animal Care (Aim Awards)

  • British Sign Language (Aim Awards)

  • Horticulture (Aim Awards)

  • Electronics (Aim Awards)

  • I Can Club (Aim Awards)

  • Hairdressing (Aim Awards)

  • Photography (Aim Awards)

  • Floristry (Aim Awards)

  • Media (Aim Awards)

  • Music Arts Award 

  • Computer Science (Aim Awards / Entry Level Certificate)

  • Outdoor Education (Aim Awards)

  • REAL Education: Land Based Studies (BTEC) 

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