• Ben Norman

Derbyshire Kwik Cricket Champions!

On Tuesday July 9th SSSC sent a team of 9 pupils to compete in the Kwik Cricket event at the Derbyshire summer games.

The event took place at Mt St Marys College, near Chesterfield, and was attended by around 1000 pupils from all parts of Derbyshire, competing in various sports events, including athletics, cycling and tennis.

The SSSC team performed incredibly in the Kwik Cricket tournament, winning all 4 of their matches to leave as Derbyshire Champions for 2019!

Kwik Cricket is an engaging twist on traditional cricket with the rules as follows:

  1. Each team will consist of 8 players. Both teams will bat for 8 overs.

  2. Batters will bat for 2 overs in pairs.

  3. All fielders must bowl one over each. Bowlers can bowl over arm or underarm.

  4. If a batter is dismissed they must change ends and 5 runs will be taken from the total. A batter can be out by: – Being bowled – Being caught – Being run-out – Hit wicket

  5. If a batter hits the ball over the boundary without bouncing, they score 6 runs, if the ball bounces before crossing the boundary, the batter scores 4 runs.

  6. The team with the highest runs at the completion of both innings will be the winner.

The pupils played with great spirit and a fantastic afternoon was had by all. They all worked together as a team, communicated effectively and encouraged each other throughout. Hopefully we can retain our title next year!