• Ben Norman

KS3 British Values Event

On the afternoon of Friday May 10th, pupils in KS3 took part in a British Values event as part of this half-terms Theme topic. British values is all about promoting the following key aspects of life in modern Britain:

• Democracy • Individual liberty • The rule of law • Mutual respect • Tolerance of those with different faiths and belief

The afternoon consisted of two activities which pupils took part in:

Activity 1: A classic British tea party, enjoying scones and cakes pupils had made in their recent Food Technology lessons. They then had the opportunity to learn how to Waltz, create 3D objects of famous British landmarks and complete part of the schools well-dressing creation.

Activity 2: Nigel Mills, member of Parliament for Amber Valley joined us to discuss the life as an MP. He outlined to pupils how Britain is a democracy, what goes on at the Houses of Parliament and the various tasks he is involved in as an MP each week. Pupils had prepared some excellent and well thought out questions for Mr Mills, which provided insightful information regarding important issues surrounding how our country is run.

Pupils behaviour throughout was excellent and an enjoyable afternoon was had by all involved.