• Ben Norman

Newark Air Museum Trip

On the 8/11/2021 all KS3 pupils were given the amazing opportunity to visit the Newark Air Museum for their theme topic which is WW2. The students were able to learn about the rich history behind the Royal Air Force, take part in a variety of fun and engaging activities which included an aircraft scavenger hunt. The pupils took a glimpse of the life of a soldier during WW2. They also explored how rationing was enforced which was an integral part of the war effort. Finally, the children looked at the build and design of an Anderson bomb shelter.

As part of the experience pupils at SSSC was extremely privileged to be able to board and sit in a military helicopter where they got to see the cockpit and use the jump seats. In addition to this they climbed into an aircrafts fuselage to access the bomb bay, this is where the aircrafts explosive devices would have been housed during a bomb raid.