• Ben Norman

School Council Autumn 2 2016


School Council Notes 28th November 2016.

All students that attended School Council on Monday 28th November 2016 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward. We also had the Ruth Peat from Integrated Youth Services at Derbyshire County Council observing our School Council.

Members present:- Ben, Harry, Jaiden, Sarah, Sam, Molly, Bradley, Joel.

Primary 2:-

Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Thomas Land, Splash Landings, Drayton Manor

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Bamboo Tamboo performance

  2. Making decorations to sell


  1. There is a bit of rough play on the yard at break and lunch.

Year 7:-

Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Splash Landings, Drayton Manor, Laser Quest with Pizza lunch.

Epraise Prizes:-

  1. We think it is fair.

  2. We like that you can ring parents to tell them about behaviour and Epraise points.

  3. We like that respecting each other is mentioned because it is important.

  4. We think that if the behaviour doesn’t improve, and after school detention and a note of what we will do to make our behaviour better next time is very important.

  5. Your behaviour must be good in and out of school to get Epraise points.

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Year 7’s will make a range of handmade Christmas Crafts.

  2. The girls in Year 7 will be performing a song by Katy Perry.

  3. Logan will be presenting the show.

  4. Dylan is doing a reading of Jingle Bells.

  5. Xander and Connor are doing a performance together.

Year 8:-

Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Splash Landings, Lazer Quest, Drayton Manor

Epraise Prizes:-

Everyone likes the Epraise behaviour chart.

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Raffle stall

  2. Olivia is performing a duet

  3. Molly is singing

  4. Ruby is showing a trampolining video.

Year :- 9 (Transition):-

. Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Splash Landings, Cadburys World, Drayton Manor

Epraise Prizes:-

  1. It is a fair system.

  2. Please could we have some T.Y Keyrings and a selection of DVDs added to Epraise reward chart.

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Sarah is singing a solo

  2. Mya is singing a solo

  3. Charles is singing a solo

  4. Joe is singing a solo

  5. Lewis is doing a duet

  6. The whole song will be performing a song it is TOP SECRET

  7. Transition will be putting on a sweet treat stall


  1. Sometimes there is no soap in boys toilets

  2. Could we have a water fountain please?

  3. Some people in KS3 keep pulling the black netting on the A.W.P and ripping it.

  4. Thank you for improving our classroom.

  5. Can we have a new rota for doing the chair for assembly so its fair on all classes.

Year 10 (KJ):-

Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Garden Centre, Westfield for shopping

Epraise Prizes:-

  1. It is better with Epraise now.

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Sam and Molly signing to music

  2. Christmas Gifts


  1. Can KS4 go inside at break and lunchtime. We want to be warm inside and talk without getting told off. (Mrs England explained that the KS4 common room was open at lunch time daily. However there is not enough staff to put this on at break as well.)

  2. Can the older ones play football down the bottom of the pitch so you can walk on it without the ball being fired at you.

Year 10 (LG) :-

Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Go-Karting, Walk and lunch, Climbing, Bowling

Epraise Prizes:-

  1. Its good and seems fair.

  2. Could these prizes be added? Be able to have your nails done, hats, stress things and gloves please.

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. KNEX fairground/models.

  2. Molly and Sam are signing

  3. Elise is not on the system


  1. Could KS4 have more trips please.

  2. More none uniform days

  3. Bring a Sign of the week back

  4. Have an ICT monitor

  5. Have an Art monitor

  6. We need to vote for new house captains annually.

Year 11:-

Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Cinema, Paint Balling (Not allowed due to Health and Safety) Alton Tower (Currently shut for winter)

Epraise Prizes:-

  1. Common room: (Now in place every lunch time.)

  2. The Epraise system is fair.

  3. Year 11 would like to make staff aware they are keen to receive Epraise points.

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Stocks! (Wet sponges etc) Could Mr Fisher make these as part of D and T?

  2. Bradley: Free running video.


  1. Some of the House teams seem unfair as some pupils do not join in and some only have younger pupils.


Reward Trip Ideas:-

  1. Fishing Trip, Skegness, Go Ape,

Epraise Prizes:-

  1. There is no Epraise account for Harry, Kieran and Oliver

Swanwick Has Got Talent Production:-

  1. Performances by Ben and Ricardo and Meghan.

  2. Videos of Kieran and Oliver

  3. Stall selling Xmas stockings for dogs, homemade biscuits for dogs.

  4. Lollypop game


  1. Could the Hub students have a set of lockers for personal belongings?

  2. More coat hangers please

  3. Fix the hole in the wall.

  4. Laptops are not always charged and looked after appropriately. An ICT monitor for the Hub would be a very good idea.


  1. Epraise:- Mr Kealy will be adding on the students who do not have an account as soon as the correct information is received in the office.

  2. Behaviour on the Pitch:- Mr Kealy will do a reminder assembly on appropriate behaviour again during the Epraise assembly on Friday 2nd December 2016.

  3. Reward Trip:– Mrs England will collate all the Reward trip ideas and then each person will take vote. The trip with the most votes will run in the last week of term.

  4. Epraise prizes:– Mr Kealy will be adding some more prizes such as hats, gloves, DVD and Keyrings. An Epraise Assembly will take place on Friday 2nd December 2016.

  5. SSSC has got talent:- This will be taking place on the afternoon of Thursday December 15th. There are lots of acts and fantastic stalls. Parents and carers are invited.

  6. ICT Monitor: This is an excellent idea and something we will hopefully put in place. Will discuss with the ICT Lead.

  7. Common Room:- This is now up and running and available for KS4 students at lunch time after they have had their lunch.

  8. Prefect Roles:- There are 7 Prefects in KS4. They all have a list of responsibilities and have already started to put these activities on. The Swing ball is available at break and lunch, Football will be on for KS3 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and also a Christmas Party will be organised for the younger students.

Again, all students demonstrated extremely mature, sensible attitudes and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The next school council will take place on Monday 9th January 2017.