• Ben Norman

School Council Autumn 2 2018

Swanwick School and Sports College

School Council Notes 26th November 2018

This was the second School Council for the academic year 2018 – 2019. All students that attended School Council on Monday 26th November 2018 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward.

Members present:- Daniel, Kameron, Keesje, Ethan, Alexis, Shania, Molly, Connor, Joel

Primary 1:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Bowling·          Train Station·          Drayton Manor Epraise Prizes:-·          Squishies, Lego, Footballs, BasketballsWhat is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “No Bullying in school.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-·          Small craft stallAny other business:-·          N/A

Primary 2:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Space Centre·          Tramway Museum·          Kitty Cafe Epraise Prizes:-·          Play doh, Plushies, Cuddly toys, Rubik’s Cube, PuzzlesWhat is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Bullying can be physical, cyber, verbal and social.”·          “No Bullying in school, just sometimes people can fall out.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-·          Primary 2 are going to do a stall where Xmas decorations are sold.Any other business:-·          N/A

Year 7:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Kitty Café·          Space Centre·          Shipley park and Mc Donald’s Epraise Prizes:-·          Films, Fiddle toys, slime, Free time (DE discussed this in detail with students.)What is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Bullying is hurting someone on purpose either physically, verbally, emotionally or online.”·          “If someone was being a bully then they should be excluded.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          Skills, magic, singing and dancing. Needs to be lots of different acts.

·          Lucky Dip

·          Guess how many sweets are in the jar.Any other business:-·          N/A

Year 8 (KD):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Yorkshire Wildlife Park·          Carsington Waters·          Cadburys WorldEpraise Prizes:-·          Cap, Goalie Gloves, What is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Bullying can be in several forms and goes on for a long period of time.”·          “We think enough is being done already at SSSC, there is no issues.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          Could some of the acts be combined?

·          As a tutor group we are selling knitted crafts.

·          Guess the number game (Mint Imperials)Any other business:-·          N/A

Year :- 8 (BG / LM):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Drayton Manor·          Clip and Climb·          Cadburys World Epraise Prizes:-·          Footballs, Board gamesWhat is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “If somebody annoys or hurts repeatedly on purpose.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          Some of the singing soloists could turn into a duet / trio or choir.

·          Year 8 are going to sell chocolates, marshmallow snowman

·          Have a toffee apple tree

·          Salt dough balls and gingerbread men

·          Edible Xmas decorations.Any other business:-·          N/A

Year 9:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Splash Landings·          Lunch Out·          Drayton Manor Epraise Prizes:-·          Rubix Cubes, Squishies, Pencil case equipment What is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Bullying is where somebody is mean to you on purpose causing you to be upset.”·          “Nothing, happy with the job school does.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          We would like to see lots of different acts like singing, dancing, skills, art and comedy.

·          For the Xmas fare Year 9 will do a cake stall.Any other business:-·          Could we do a sponsored event? i.e Sleepover?

Year 10 :- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Bowling·          Mini Golf·          Black Rocks Epraise prizes:-·          Uno cards, Hair accessories, Queue jumper for lunch, Skipping ropes, Notebooks/diaries, Music boxes, wrestling figures.What is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Is repeated abuse that happens several times on purpose.”·          “There isn’t a problem with bullying in school.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          SSSC Has Got Talent needs diverse acts.

·          Students may need to audition for it.

·          Year 10 are going to run a Tombola / Bric a Brac stall for Xmas Fare.Any other business:-

·          The poly tunnel needs some work doing on it.

·          There is litter on the pitch

·          Could we pick some new names for classrooms?

Year 11: Transition:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Cadburys World·          Matlock Bath·          Bull Ring in Birmingham Epraise Prizes:-

·          Please could we have school jumpers back on Epraise?

·          We feel it is a lot of points for a trip to the cafeWhat is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Bullying is when people treat you unkindly all the time by verbal abuse, physical abuse or online abuse.”·          “There isn’t a problem with bullying at SSSC, however further posters with “What to do if you are being bullied” could be put up.”Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          SSSC Has Got Talents needs to be a variety of acts:- Choirs, Quiz’s, Puppets, Jokes, Dancing, Songs, Acting

·          If there are too many acts maybe some could be put together?

·          Transition will run the RaffleAny other business:-

·          Swing ball needs fixing (DE has ordered a new one)

·          Prefects to be responsible for a laptop trolley, ensuring computers are plugged in and being charged.

·          Could pupils get a hot drink at break time? Maybe only KS4? Maybe linked to Epraise?

Hub:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Zero Latency in Nottingham·          Wagamamas for a meal·          Bowling Epraise Prizes:-·          N/AWhat is Bullying? Can SSSC do anything else regarding Bullying?·          “Several transgressions from one party to another with malicious intent.”·          As far as we are aware, there is no problem.Swanwicks Got Talent and Xmas Fare:-

·          We think SSSC Has Got Talent needs a diverse range of acts.

·          Have some of the solo singers join together to make a group / choir

·          Audition students

·          For the Xmas Fare the Hub will be making and selling dog biscuits Any other business:-

·          Could there be an age range for After School Club films / Wii? (DE and School council discussed this in detail)

·          Could there be an age range for Reward Trips? (DE explained this would not be possible, however a variety of trips are always on offer.)

·          DE explained that various films will be on offer on the last day of term. DE also explained the rules regarding parental / school consent for films.


  1. Reward Trip:-Mrs England will type up options for Reward trip vote by Friday 30th November 2018. The trip will them be booked by Wednesday 5th December 2018 and students can enter using Epraise.

  2. Epraise Prizes: – Mr Norman to review and make appropriate amendments where necessary. Please remind students that some things requested are already on Epraise or found in Miss Raffles prise box.

  3. SSSC Has Got Talent: – Mrs England will look at list so far and make possible suggestions and hand back to staff on Tuesday 27th November 2018. Form tutors need to have a conversation with form groups about possible further collaboration and more diverse acts being entered. Allocated time will be given for acts to be rehearsed closer to the time. The suggested number of acts for SSSC would be approx.15 in total, each act no longer that 2-3 mins, The show will be no longer than 1 hour. Acts to be finalised and handed into Miss Davis and Mr Norman by Tuesday 4th December 2018 so they can be discussed in staff meeting that day.

  4. Basket Ball net:– A new net has been provided and put up for students to use. Reminder that only basketballs should be used here.

  5. Xmas Fare:– The Xmas Fare will run directly after SSSC Has Got Talent on Wednesday 19th All forms have made a decision about what they are selling. All funds raised will go towards SSSC’s Sensory room.

  6. Anti-Bullying Week:– Lots of work has been done by all at SSSC on Anti Bullying. This has been seen through PSHE lessons, assemblies, School Council and a student questionnaire. Results were shared with School Council and all staff. Results have been very positive and encouraging, however this will continue to be a focus at SSSC and students are aware that Bullying is not tolerated at SSSC.

  7. Miss Davis will be taking over the running of School Council whilst Mrs England is on Maternity leave.

Thank you to all the students that have participated in School Council this half term. Again this meeting was very successful and all representatives were very sensible and mature in responses and suggestions given. Student Council is an essential part of our school curriculum and Miss Davis looks forward to meeting with you again on Monday 14th January 2019 at 9.05am.