• Ben Norman

School Council Monday 13th June 2016

Swanwick School and Sports College

School Council Notes 18th April 2016.

All students that attended School Council on Monday 13th June 2016 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda. Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward. We also had the Ruth Peat from Integrated Youth Services at Derbyshire County Council observing our School Council.

Members present:- Kyle, Olivia, Sarah, Courtney, Molly, Meghan, Lucy.


  1. It has been a wonderful year at SSSC.

  2. Could we have even more adventurous activities/ Interhouse activities?

  3. 999 day, Drayton Manor and Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations have been amazing.


What has gone well:-

  1. Kyle has really enjoyed all the trips out and making new friends.

  2. Kai loved trying all the different sports.

  3. Libby enjoyed learning French.

  4. Liberty enjoyed Planet Bounce.

  5. Kyle really likes our new kitchen and playground.

What could we do to improve further:-

  1. Have some swings.

  2. Even more trips.

  3. Have a roundabout on the primary playground.

  4. Some toy trains.

  5. Kyle would like the return of marble cake if possible.

  6. Kai would like to use the Velodrome more.

  7. More prizes on Epraise.

Trip Ideas:-

  1. Treetops, Butterfly House, Gulliver’s Kingdom, Drayton Manor, Velodrome, Day at Butlins, Day at Skegness, Laser Quest.


What has gone well :-

  1. The amount of learning that has taken place in different ways such as trips, visitors coming in, interesting lessons and range of choices given to us.

  2. Gym and Dance display.

  3. Drayton Manor- Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. Interhouse Challenges- We love the Sports activities

  5. World Book Day and assemblies have been fun.

What could we do to improve even further:-

  1. Could we have more staff on the pitch at break and lunch because it is nice to see all adults.

  2. More organised activities on the pitch at lunchtimes- we like having games we can play. (Skipping ropes/Hula hoops)

  3. New basket ball hoop please as our old one is a little worn out.

Trip Ideas:- Splash Landings, Planet Bounce, Cadburys World.

Year 7:-

What has gone well:-

  1. Swanwick Got Talent show.

  2. Assemblies

  3. Trips out

  4. All of it.

Trip Ideas:-

  1. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Theme Parks, Laser Quest.

Year :- 9 (LG):-

What has gone well:-

  1. Much better behaviour.

Any other business:-

  1. As school council representatives we would like to feedback to our forms. Mrs England will give each form tutor a copy of the school council notes and then another copy to each school council representative if they require one. These representatives will then feedback to their forms with some help from their teachers.

  2. AWP- there is a lot of litter and damage from people who use the evening groups. Could a letter be sent out? Charge them double if they damage our property as it is not fair.

Trip Ideas:-

  1. Climbing wall, BMX trip.

Year 9:-

What has gone well:-

  1. Queen’s 90th Birthday party went really well.

  2. Drayton Manor trip was ace.

  3. 999 day was fun. It had lots of different activities and the smoke tent was especially cool.

  4. Velodrome was really fun.

What could we do to improve further:-

  1. More events and in house activities.

  2. More adventures

  3. More school performances. (A discussion was had between the students about “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” production that was happening at the end of this term.)

Trip Ideas:-

  1. Planet Bounce, Crazy golf, X Games, Markeaton Park and picnic, Alton Towers.

Year 10 :-

What has gone well:-

  1. We really enjoyed Drayton Manor.

  2. Have enjoyed Friday afternoons Life Skills.

  3. Fun ICT lessons.

  4. Reading great texts in English.

Trip Ideas:-.

  1. Planet Bounce, Go-Karting, Ice Skating, Corn Maze, Swimming/Splash Landings.

Year 11:-

What has gone well:-

  1. E-praise points have been brilliant.

  2. Stacey has really enjoyed Acorn training.

  3. Animal care and all the Aim Awards lessons have gone well.

What could we do to improve further:-

  1. We would like to spend more time as a key stage.

  2. A bit more flexibility in KS4 choices, maybe the chance to give some other options a go.

Trip Ideas:-

  1. Planet Bounce (A new one has opened in Derby) Laser Quest, Splash Landings (It is summer after all)

Thank you to all students that have attended School Council this academic year. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Your mature attitudes and sensible comments have ensured the students’ voice at SSSC is heard. Keep the good work up.

The next school council will take place on Monday 12th September 2016.

Kind Regards,

Mrs England.