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School Council Notes Autumn 1 2017

Swanwick School and Sports College

School Council Notes 18th September 2017

All students that attended School Council on Monday 18th September 2017 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward.

Members present:- Hannah, Carl, Ben, Kyle, Harry, Danielle, Sarah, Ethan, Sam, Joel.Primary 1:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Drayton Manor·          Park with Gym Equipment·          Go out for lunch Epraise Prizes:-·          Dolls, puzzles, cars, trains, teddies.Books for our Library:- ·          Animal books, Fairy tale books.

Primary 2:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Zoo·          National Space Centre·          Alton Towers Epraise Prizes:-·          Lego, snow globes, stretchy toys, action figures, DVD’s.Attributes for school Prefect:-·          Friendly·          Responsible·          TrustworthyLibrary:-·          Harry Potter books, Scary Stories like Goosebumps, Sports cars, Titanic, Movie books, WW2 books, Starwars and Frozen.

Year 7a:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Sealife Centre·          Laser Quest·          Water Meadows Epraise Prizes:-·          Vouchers/points towards going swimming·          Jo Jo bowsAttributes for school Prefects:-·          Well behaved·          A good listener·          Wears school uniformBooks for school library:-·          Harry Potter books·          Davis Walliams BooksA.O.B:-·          Could we have more gym equipment/ raise money for more?·          Could we have different material for our Tshirts?

Year 7b:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Drayton Manor·          Conkers·          Laser QuestEpraise Prizes:-·          Non Uniform day for the whole school.·          All you can eat lunchAttributes of a Prefect:-·          Nice and Kind·          Sensible·          CalmBooks for school Library:-·          Think we have a good selection.A.O.B:-·          Could we have pink sweatshirts as well as blue?

Year :- 8:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Skiing·          Gulliver’s Kingdom·          Splash Landings Epraise Prizes·          Hair products, Footballs, Goal Keepers Gloves.Attributes for school Prefect:-·          Kind·          Well behaved and good·          Polite·          HelpfulBooks for school Library:-Horse books, Horrid Henry, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Famous 5, Ben 10.

Year 9:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Bowling·          Kitty Cafe·          Butterfly House Epraise Prizes:-·          Frizbee·          Guitar Picks·          Jo Jo bows Attributes for school Prefect:-·          Set example·          Tolerant·          Good listening skills·          Correct Uniform·          Friendly approach·          Reliable·          Break time / lunch time leaders.Books for school library:-·          Life skill books, football skill books, nail art books, sewing books, bird watching books, cookery books, language books including BSL.A.O.B:-·          When is the Splash Landing trips for the Interhouse winners. (Thursday 19th October 2017)

Year 10 (Transition) :-Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Cadburys World·          Sundown Adventure Land·          Splash Landings Epraise prizes:-·          More teddies please·          Pan fluteAttributes for school Prefects:-·          Understanding·          Patient·          HelpfulBooks for school Library:-·          Anything on Frozen, The Wishing Chair.

Year 11 (LG):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Canoeing·          Rock Climbing·          Zip Lininig Epraise Prizes:-·          Zip up hoodies·          Book Vouchers (We cannot provide this as we are unable to determine who uses the vouchers also we are unable to monitor what content is being purchased as a result.)Attributes for a school Prefect:-·          Role Model·          Kind·          HelpfulA.O.B:-Gym equipment could do with a clean/oil.Mini bus could do with being cleaned regularly. (Year 11 have offered to wash them in Life Skills)

Year 11 (KJ) Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Ice Skating·          Pizza Hut·          Archery Epraise Prizes:-·          Gloves, Hats, scarves, Goalie Gloves.Attributes for school Prefects:-·          Activities at break time·          Role model·          Good behaviourBooks for Library:-·          Teen but easy to read, Audio Books for tricky books, Easy to read Shakespeare.A.O.B:-·          Can we change the Epraise charity? (This will be done when we achieve the target of £50.00)

Hub:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Go Ape·          Laser Quest·          Fishing Epraise Prizes:-·          Vouchers (We cannot provide this as we are unable to determine who uses the vouchers also we are unable to monitor what content is being purchased as a result.)Attributes of school Prefects:-·          Thinking about others·          Not lazy·          Good ideasBooks for Library:-·          WW2 tanksA.O.B:-·          Hub building issues.·          Could we have security cameras?

·          Kickball Competition?

·          Fairness of teams, some are stronger than others. (Teams have been streamed both age and ability making all teams as fair as possible.)


  1. Reward Trip:-Mrs England will type up options for Reward trip vote by Friday 22nd September 2017. The trip will them be booked by Wednesday 27th September and students can enter using Epraise.

  2. Uniform ideas:– At the next School Council Mrs England will have some examples of the school uniform ideas requested from the students.

  3. School Prefects:– KS4 will have an assembly on roles and responsibilities week commencing 25th Application forms will be handed out and applications must be into D England by 6th October 2017.

  4. Epraise Prizes:– Mr Kealy to review and make appropriate amendments where necessary. Please remind students that vouchers are no longer an option for Epraise.

  5. Library Books:– Miss Davis will complete a book audit along side her staff team and chosen pupils. Then Miss Davis will be able to tell student what books are available and order any books suitable that have been mentioned in student council. Audio books will be included in this.

Thank you to all the students that have participated in School Council this half term. Student Council is an essential part of our school curriculum and I look forward to meeting with you again on Monday 6th November 2017 at 9.05am.