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School Council Notes Autumn 2 2017

Swanwick School and Sports College

School Council Notes 6th November 2017

All students that attended School Council on Monday 6th November  2017 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward. We also had  Ruth Peat from Integrated Youth Services at Derbyshire County Council observing our School Council.

Members present:- Hannah, Carl, Ben, Kyle, Harry, Danielle, Sarah, Molly, Sam, Joel.Primary 1:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Cinema·          Bowling·          Go out for lunch Epraise Prizes:-·          Yoyo, balls, play dough, dolls, pens.What is Bullying? What can we do about it?·          Being mean to people a lot. You must tell a teacher, grown up and share things. You should never hit people and tell mummy and daddy.SSSC’s Got Talent:-A group performances that includes singing, dancing,  stories and poems.Christmas fare:-Making craft items to sell and do a find the Christmas treasure map.

Primary 2:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Zoo·          National Space Centre·          Farm Epraise Prizes:-·          Light up balls, Harry Potter Books, Cuddly Toys, Pokémon , Fidget cubes.What is Bullying?·          Rude, mean, bad manners. Racist, swearing, online cyber, punching, smacking, abuse to other students and saying nasty things.Is there anything else the school could do about Bullying?Cameras.SSSC’s Got Talent:-·          Presentation/seminar on a topic. Libby Tap dance, Kai showing his artwork. Christmas fare:-·          Making decorations to sell

Year 7a:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Cadburys World·          Harry Potter World·          Drayton Manor Epraise Prizes:-·          Fidget Spinners·          Lego·          New Pencil cases / stationary setsWhat is Bullying?·          Bullying is verbally, physically or socially picking on others. Is there anything else the school could do about Bullying?·          Posters·          More talking about Bullying·          Cyber bullying talks·          This school does not have a bullying problem because we 7A do not see it.SSSC’s Got Talent·          Performances:- Braydon:- Keyboard  and Guitar, Beau:- Playing ukulele, Kelsea:- singing Katy Perry, Kyle:- Comedy·          Christmas Fare:- Sweet CookiesA.O.B:-·          N/A

Year 7b:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Drayton Manor·          Skegness Day trip·          SnowdomeEpraise Prizes:-·          Music session with instruments·          Pencil cases / stationary sets·          Fiddle puttyWhat is Bullying:-·          Keep being mean to someone over and over again. Continue to tease people.Is there anything else the school could do about Bullying?·          Even stricter·          CCTV outside·          The class feel bullying is dealt with correctly by staff and it is not a big problem.SSSC’s Got Talent:-·          We have started to discuss ideas and we are hoping to do a group performanceA.O.B:-·          Gym equipment outside very stiff.·          Could we have artificial grass under the gym equipment to stop it getting so muddy?·          When it is wet break could we have some Lego, playdough and some board games?

Year :- 8:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Skiing·          Gulliver’s Kingdom·          Trip to Viking museum Epraise Prizes·          Titanic books, Swimming goggles, Ear defenders, Camping trip, fidget spinnersWhat is Bullying?·          When you make someone sad by being unkind to them. Name calling, annoying them or physically hurting them.Anything else the school could do?·          Lots of staff in all places of school.SSSS’s Got Talent·          Year 8 performing a song, Dylan O showing his Titanic model, Year 8 girls performing a song, LP in band or dancing.Christmas Fare:-·          Xmas decoration stalls / jam jars.·          Baking stallA.O.B:-·          Zip up hoodies (Mrs England discussed costing with School  Council and they have agreed it is fare and so samples are being made)·          Charity sleep over @ school·          Is the school going to the panto? If not could we do a form visit to one?

Year 9:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Bowling·          Lazer Quest·          Drayton Manor Epraise Prizes:-·          Goalie Gloves·          Soft Toys·          Sticker books What is Bullying?·          Someone who keeps hurting or picking on people.Is there anything else the school could do about Bullying?·          The school does a good job.SSSC’s Got Talent:-·          Year 9 are performing “Castle on the Hill” Olivia and Molly Ellis singing a Solo.Christmas Fare:-·          Guess the name of the Teddy BearA.O.B:-·          Litter around the pitch again.

Year 10 (Transition) :-Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Theatre·          Bowling·          Splash Landings Epraise prizes:-·          More teddies/ soft toys please·          More books and colouring booksWhat is Bullying?·          Bullying is being mean when people target others more than once. Bullying someone because they are disadvantaged.Is there anything the school could do about Bullying?·          For a greater understanding of why someone is bullying someone. Some of the pupils said if they were bullied they would like to know why.SSSC’S Got Talent:-·          Joe:- singing and dancing, Matthew and Shaunna:- showing their artwork, Mya:- singing, Lewis:- either sing and dance or be commentator, Joe:- recording of his singing.Christmas fare:-·          Christmas/chocolate treats.A.O.B·          Connor would like a lunch time activities club in the common room

Year 11 (LG):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          High Ropes·          Rock Climbing·          Drayton Manor Epraise Prizes:-·          Hats and GlovesWhat is bullying?·          Repeatedly verbally and or physically abusing someone.What can school do?Doesn’t seem to be a big issue, but when i does happen the consequences are appropriate.SSSC’s Got Talent:-Sign and sing with Molly, Sarah and Sam, Ethan to sing HallalujahChristmas Fare:-Christmas sweet stallA.O.B:-Respect for staff is not the standard it was a while ago.

Year 11 (KJ) Reward Trip Ideas:-·          Lunch out·          Magna·          Derby INTU centre Epraise Prizes:-·          Gloves, Hats, scarves, Goalie Gloves, Little Christmas gifts, Christmas cards.What is Bullying?·          Intense and prolonged physical, verbal and emotional abuse directed at someone·          When people are mean to you·          When you do it more than once·          The class do not feel that bullying is an issue at SSSC, just the odd falling out with friends.SSSC’s Got Talent:-Provide backstage support / tea and coffee for visitors.Christmas decorations and Santa’s grottoA.O.B:-·          More internet permissions for older students if we can prove we are sensible.

Hub:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·          There is not always enough variety, could we make it more of a cycle. (It was explained that each reward trip is only done once a year and that it is down to students to think of trips)·          Shopping at INTU / MCarter Glen Epraise Prizes:-·          SnacksWhat is bullying:-·          Multiple purposeful actions to cause upset.Is there anything else the school could do regarding Bullying?We don’t have a bullying problem at SSSC.SSSC’s Got Talent:-·          Harry trampoline edit, Ben Rubik cube challenge, Kieran Scooter editA.O.B:-·          The internet is not working properly.·          Trampolining for after school club please (Is happening this half term)


  1. Reward Trip:-Mrs England will type up options for Reward trip vote by Friday 10th November 2017. The trip will them be booked by Wednesday 15th November and students can enter using Epraise.

  2. Uniform ideas:– The school council agree that the quotes we have had back are fair. The next step is to see the samples; this should be available before Xmas.

  3. SSSC’s Got Talent / Christmas fare:– A list of performances will be handed out and discussed with staff on Tuesday 7th November staff meeting so that a detailed plan can be put in place of timings and running order by Tuesday 21st

  4. Epraise Prizes:– Mr Kealy to review and make appropriate amendments where necessary. Please remind students that many things requested are already on Epraise or found in Miss Raffles prise box.

  5. Anti Bullying Week:– This is taking place from Monday 13th Child friendly anti bullying policies are being made by each form and a letter is going out to parents to say we are support “Odd Socks day” which focused on “We are all different but all equal.”

  6. KS4 Assembly:– This will be targeted on behaviour and explaining that some students feel respect is not being shown to all staff.

Thank you to all the students that have participated in School Council this half term. Student Council is an essential part of our school curriculum and I look forward to meeting with you again on Monday 8th January 2018 at 9.05am.