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School Council Notes Summer 1 2017

Swanwick School and Sports College

School Council Notes 15th May 2017

All students that attended School Council on Monday 15th May 2017 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward.

Members present:- Kameron, Ben, Harry, Danielle,  Joe, Sam, Molly, Zachary, Joel.Primary 1:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Bowling·         Drayton Manor After school club ideas:-·         Lego Club·         Basketball Club·         Water tray play D.T Project Ideas :-·         Make a Titanic ship / Kitty Cat (Hello Kitty) Epraise:-·         For the shops please could we have some toy cars, teddies and toy trains.

Primary 2:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Cbeebies Land·         Yorkshire Wildlife Park·         Water meadows Fund Raising for SSSC:-·         Miss Raffles Raffle·         Kai’s donation station·         Coffee Morning·         Sponsored swim/bike ride/ silence After school Club ideas·         Basketball club / Puppet Club / Science Club / Clay modelling / Treasure hunts D.T Projects:-·         Wood carving models·         Make real sweets / chocolate bars·         Working solar system model·         Giant Lego Castle Epraise:-·         For the shop….Science kit, Lego Kit, Jo Jo Bows.·         For Miss raffles prize box…. Toy jets, bouncy balls, small Lego models, hair gel.

Year 7:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Splash Landings·         Drayton Manor·         Lazer Quest Fund Raising for SSSC:-·         Stocks at Summer fayre·         Sponsored Walk·         Non Uniform day/ Fancy Dress After School Clubs:-·         Trampolininig.·         Bowling D.T Projects·         3d Clay Club Epraise :-·         Toy Lorry, Hair accessories, Tubs of slime. A.O.B:-·         Could we please have a girls football team?·         Could Year 7 go in for lunch first please?

Year 8:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Lazer Quest,·         Crazy Golf·         Drayton Manor Fund raising for SSSC:-·         Fun Run·         Non- Uniform Day·         Cake sale After School Club ideas:-·         Sewing/Knitting club·         More Games for Wii U·         Dodgeball D. T Projects:-·         Something out of clay Epraise:-·         Headphones, Bubbles, Headphone with a microphone

Year :- 9 (Transition):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Cadbury’s World·         Drayton Manor·         Laser Quest Fund Raising ideas for SSSC:-·         Car boot sale·         Cake/biscuit sale·         Bubble or powder paint run After School Club:-·         Cross Country club·         Cricket club·         Handball·         Disco·         Rugby·         Nature Walk D.T projects:-·         Making pots·         Make a bird box or house·         Make a puzzle out of wood·         Make puppets Epraise:-·         Banjo, Board Games, Cafe or food visits, swimming session A.O.B:-·         Still bottles and rubbish returning on all weather pitchSilly behaviour on the pitch. (Jumping on nets)

Year 10 (LG):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Skate Park·         Pizza Express·         Bike Ride Fund Raising for SSSC:-·         Fun run/ swim·         Cake Sale After School Clubs:-·         Archery·         Jewellery Club D.T Projects:-·         Make a new bench (could put a memorial slate on it.) Epraise:-·         Stress toys, Shin Pads, Gloves, Stationary A.O.B:-·         Could we have a whole school day on culture religion, not just KS3.·         Could someone do a reminder on how to use the outdoor gym equipment as it is being mistreated.·         Could we have a sandpit in the Sensory area?

Year 10 (KJ) :-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Drayton Manor·         Fishing·         Archery Fund Raising for SSSC:-·         Sponsored Walk·         Football Match (Students V Staff)·         Bike Ride·         Relay Marathon After School Club:-·         Bird watching·         Tennis·         Rounders·         Badminton·         Gardening club·         Bowling D.T Projects:-·         Make a birdhouse·         Make scarves·         Make a rabbit hutch Epraise:-·         Nail Varnish, Jo Jo bows, Deodorant A.O.B:-·         Folders of work are disappearing from the shared drive. We have last work and it is really annoying having to do it again. (DE explained that this is something we are looking into with IT technician and all staff have been asked to be more vigilant when students are working on laptops across the school,)

Year 11:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Gain Day and trip to Mc D’s·         Drayton Manor·         Laser Quest Fund Raising ideas for SSSC:-·         Cake Sale·         Raffle·         Sponsored Silence After School Clubs:-·         Art Club·         Basaketball Club·         Badminton Club D.T Projects:-·         Gardening Epraise:-·         Fidget Spinners. (DE explained situation regarding buying them in. This was also explained by Mr Greenhough during assembly.)

Hub:- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Fishing·         Theme Park·         Lazer Quest Fund Raising for SSSC:-·         Baking cakes After School Clubs:-·         Trampolining·         Fishing·         More Wii Epraise:-·         Books, Hoola Hoops


  1. Reward Trip:-Mrs England will type up options for Reward trip vote by Wednesday 17th May 2017. The trip will them be booked by Friday 19th May and students can enter using Epraise.

  2. Fund Raising for SSSC:– Mrs England will discuss student ideas with staff at next meeting (16th May) and ask if there are any volunteers. Mrs England will discuss ideas with Governors on 24th May to see if a group could be formed to help raise money for the school.

  3. After School Clubs:- Mrs England will speak with Mrs Leivers so she can look into possibly trialling some new clubs next half term.

  4. T Projects:- Mrs England will look at the curriculum and speak with relevant staff before next half term.

  5. Epraise:- Mrs England will speak with Mr Kealy about adding some of the new prizes suggested from this meeting.

  6. Appropriate behaviour on outdoor gym equipment:- Mrs England will speak with PE staff about completing an additional training session on equipment so all students are given same expectations.

Again, all students demonstrated extremely mature, sensible attitudes and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The next school council will take place on Monday 19th June 2017.

School Council 15th May 2017