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School Council Spring term 2 2017

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School Council Notes 13th March 2017

All students that attended School Council on Monday 13th March 2017 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward.

Members present:- Ben, Harry, Jaiden,  Mya, Sam, Jack, Zachary, Joel.Primary 2:-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Splash Landings·         Drayton Manor·         Water meadows Comic Relief ideas:-·         Games day, pay to play a game·         Odd socks day·         PJ day Epraise ideas·         Bouncy balls, Lego set, Violin, Star wars DVD, Scooby doo DVD. A.O.B·         N/A

Year 7:-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Space Centre·         Drayton Manor·         Pizza Hut Comic Relief ideas:-·         Sponsored walk·         Fancy Dress/own clothes Epraise ideas:-·         Red Nose, Colouring books, Skipping rope, Footballs, Toy lorry, Girly comics, Toy horses, Toy bus/car. A.O.B·         Could we have a school water bottle with our logo on it?·         Set up a football team·         Chill out classroom for break and dinner. (Mrs England explained that the Art room is available at lunch times for KS3 but we cannot staff an additional room at break times.)

Year 8:-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Lazer Quest,·         Splash Landing·         Drayton Manor Comic Relief ideas:-·         Fun Run·         Bench Ball·         Trampoline Tournament·         Football Tournament·         Handball·         Dodge ball Epraise ideas:-·         Transformer Toys, Deodorant, Toiletries, Bubbles, Rubix cube, Nail art/make up/bobbles. A.O.B·         Litter on the pitch·         Girls toilets being blocked·         Soap running out in girls toilets.

Year :- 9 (Transition):- Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Cadbury’s World·         Climbing·         Laser Quest Comic Relief Ideas:-·         Sell cakes and biscuits·         Wear something red for £1 Epraise ideas:-·         Banjo instrument, Harry Potter colouring books, DvDs. A.O.BSkiing was a great trip, please can this be available again next year?Please can you fix the basketball hoop.Can we have more parent mornings/afternoons to raise money for our charity?

Year 10 (LG):-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Skate Park·         Assault Course·         Biking Comic Relief Ideas:-·         Everyone wears a fake moustache·         Sponsored Silence for individuals·         Fun run in a costume Epraise ideas:-·         Football gloves A.O.B·         Life Skills week was really good. Would like to do this again please.·         Portion sizes at dinner are the same for KS4 as for Primary.·         It seems to be more difficult to gain Epraise points in KS4.·         Litter aro9und the pitch is disgusting.

Year 10 (KJ) :-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Go Karts·         Archery·         Crazy Golf Comic Relief Ideas:-·         Wear something red·         Wear non-uniform·         Coffee/tea afternoon. (Sell flower planters)·         Sponsored Swim Epraise ideas:-·         Tennis balls, bouncy balls, skipping ropes, deodorants and aftershaves. A.O.B·         Please could we have a new basketball net·         Could we have a hand dryer in the toilets instead of paper towels.·         Can we do the 999 day again? This time we could do a day that had the police/Army/Mountain Rescue/ Fire service/ Air Ambulance etc.·         Lunch time is great thank you.

Year 11:-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Alton Towers·         Skegness·         Laser Quest Comic Relief ideas:-·         Cake Sale·         Design a new nose competition·         Non uniform for £1 Epraise ideas:-·         One for all vouchers A.O.B·         Year 11 really enjoyed Life Skills week because the activities were fun and something different. We had the opportunity to speak with people in the group we wouldn’t normally speak with and let us try things we wouldn’t normally try. Thank you.

Hub:-Reward Trip Ideas:-·         Theme Park·         Fishing·         Lazer Quest Comic Releif ideas:-·         Sponsored Walk·         Wii U Game·         Cake Sale Epraise ideas:-·         Chocolate, One day a year where a teacher is your servant. A.O.B·         Please could we have some batteries that are kept especially for Wii club remotes.·         Boys toilets are a mess, please could we have a new seat on one of the toilets and WD40 on the locks.·         Whole in the Hub needs fixing.


  1. Reward Trip:-Mrs England will type up options for Reward trip vote by Friday 17th March 2017. The trip will them be booked by Tuesday 21st March and students can enter using Epraise.

  2. Comic Relief:– Mrs England will discuss students ideas with staff at next meeting (14th March) and a letter will then go home for students explaining what activities we will be doing for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March 2017.

  3. Basketball Net:- Mrs England will speak with Mr Kealy and Mr Greenhough about fixing/replacing the Basketball net.

  4. Toilets:- Mrs England will speak with Mick to see what we can do about the boys toilets and also the paper towel situation.

  5. Epraise:- Mrs England will speak with Mr Kealy about adding some of the new prizes suggested from this meeting.

  6. School Council Epraise Reward:- Students who have successfully attended 3 school council meeting this year will be awarded the School Council award on Epraise by Mrs England.

  7. Epraise points for KS4:- Mrs England will talk to the staff at the next staff meeting about KS4’s concerns regarding Epraise points.

Again, all students demonstrated extremely mature, sensible attitudes and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you to everyone who contributed. The next school council will take place on Monday 15th May 2017.


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