• Ben Norman

Ski Trip Last 2 Days


What a couple of days we have had here in Samoens. Thursday was a partial whiteout with reduced visibility throughout the day. Despite this 8 of our pupils ascended to 2100m to ski some of the runs in the Massif ski area, completing a 5k run called “Marvel” that brought them to the village of Morillion. Today we have had beautiful conditions with partial sun for the majority of the day and about a foot of fresh snow! During their last lesson today the pupils got to experience some gentle off piste skiing where the snow was up to their knees! They all skied it well and there was some dramatic falls in mounds of fresh snow. Afterwards all pupils had their badge presentation from Ecole de Ski Zig Zag and their instructors. All pupils were delighted with what they have achieved and progress they have made throughout the week.

This week has been an amazing ski residential and by far the best of the 5 I have organised.The pupils and staff have been fantastic and is the reason why it has been and continues to be so successful. Merci a tous.

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