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Student Council Spring 1 2018

Swanwick School and Sports College

School Council Notes 15th January 2018

All students that attended School Council on Monday 15th January 2018 came with a variety of ideas that initiated from the school council agenda.

Each student representative presented their ideas they had produced within their form to the School Council. Then a short discussion was had on the most important elements and how we as a school will move forward. We also had vote on the new school uniform and Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy.

Members present:- Hannah, Carl, Owen, Kyle, Harry, Danielle, Sarah, Molly, Sam, Joel.Primary 1:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Zoo

·         Café

·         Bowling


·         Epraise is good


·         You need to come to school so you can learn.

·         School is fun


·         Like the new pink top for our uniform.

Primary 2:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Water Meadows

·         Space Centre

·         Drayton Manor

·         Horse Riding


·         System is up and running

·         Could we be allowed t take toys home?

·         Could we have more basket balls

·         Could we have Rubix Cubes


·         “It’s about education.”

·         “To learn new things for when you are older.”

·         “Helps your behaviour.”

·         “You can get awards.”


·         Really like the new school uniform. Love the Zip up hoodie.

Primary 7A:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Laser Tag

·         Splash Landings

·         Kitty café


·         Win a trip to the park for your form.

·         Lego

·         Rubik Cubes

·         Could Miss Raffle do a presentation in Assembly one day so we know what kind of things are in her prize box?

·         Could we have the new school uniform on Epraise so we can save up and buy it ourselves?

·         Some of the prices seem high on Epraise


·         “If you miss a day you miss 6 hours of learning.”

·         “It will prepare you to get a job and make lots of friends. “

·         If you don’t come to school you miss out on fun things.”


·         N/A

Primary 7B:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Clip and Climb

·         Skegness- day trip

·         Alton Towers


·         We discussed WWW. EBI. We all understand what it means and feel that Epraise is good but we could be allowed more time on it.

·         Could we have specific time for Epraise during life skills


·         We discussed attendance and decided it is important to learn so we can get a good job when we leave school.

·         School keeps us safe

·         We discussed what could happen if days are missed and if attendance drops.


·         Please could the Basketball net be fixed?

Primary 8:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Bowling

·         Drayton manor

·         Alton Towers


·         More Footballs

·         Hair products

·         Sensory Toys

·         Stress Balls

·         Extra Swimming lessons


·         “Attendance is important so we don’t miss our education.”

·         “Don’t want to be fined.”

·         “Miss friends and cool things we do at school.”

·         “Want a better job when I’m older by getting more qualifications.”


·         Non uniform day

·         More water around school

·         Love the new zip up hoodies

Year 9:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Go Karting

·         Bowling

·         Laser Quest


·         We look at our marking to see if Epraise points have been awarded.

·         We like Epraise but sometimes we don’t get much time on it.

·         Could we have Rubik cubes on the Epraise shop please?

·         Goalie Gloves

·         Attendance:-

·         Year 9 know that attendance is important as the more you are at school the more you will learn.


·         N/A


Reward Trips:-

·         Cadbury’s World

·         Alton Towers

·         Cinema


·         We really like that Epraise in online, we can give to charity, it has a prvate password and you can buy lots of different things that change each half term.

·         It could be even better if there was more designated time to go and use Epraise.

·         More musical instruments

·         Stationary as an option

·         Buy gifts for others.


·         “Get qualifications.”

·         “They won’t let you have a job if you are a poor attender.”

·         “Makes you smarter as you learn new things.”

·         “Help you get into college.”


·         Please could we have the basketball net fixed.

·         On the wall where it’s white in the Primary yard could we get the school logo put on it?

Year 11 LG:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Crazy Golf

·         Rock Climbing

·         Go and watch a Football match / Visit the ground


·         Year 11 do not feel they receive the points they are awarded.

·         Some pupils have really missed out when the points were reset.

·         Some items in the shop seem quite expensive.


·         We will achieve better qualifications

·         Better chance of getting into college

·         Don’t miss out on anything

·         Good practice for working life


·         Some pupils need to be more considerate when using deodorant.

·         There appears to be some moments of students being unkind and trying to intimate others.

Year 11 KJ:-

Reward Trips:-

·         Laser Quest

·         Archery

·         Go Karting


·         Everyone is happy and we have decent prizes.


·         “So we can all learn as much as we can and get us ready for college.”

·         “Need to be here to learn.”


·         Is there somewhere inside we can wait if it is cold / bad weather before registration. (Mrs England explained that unfortunately unless it is a wet registration and then all students would be inside then an additional space is not feasible not due to staffing levels and preparatory time for form groups. Mrs England suggested that bringing a coat would help in cold weather.)


Reward Trips:-

·         Lazer Quest

·         Skate Park


·         Everything is fine


·         Could we have rewards for 100% attendance?

·         Mrs England explained that there was going to be Key Stage assemblies where all this would be explained and that from this half term there is a reward for attendance. 5 days of attendance equals 5 Epraise points. However you must complete 100% per week, you do not get 4 Epraise points for 4 days etc.


·         Why is trampolining club only for Year 7. Will other years get an opportunity? Mrs England explained this in detail and that yes next half term things would change.


  1. Reward Trip:-Mrs England will type up options for Reward trip vote by Friday 19th November 2017. The trip will them be booked by Wednesday 31st January 2018th and students can enter using Epraise.

  2. Uniform ideas:– The School Council voted on their new uniform and were delighted with the new Zip up hoodies and cotton T-shirts. Mrs England explained that as soon as they were back from the printers a letter will go home to parents/ carers and the students can purchase them for a subsidised price. They will also be added to Epraise.

  3. Epraise Prizes:– Mr Kealy to review and make appropriate amendments where necessary. We will complete an assembly before the end of term where students can see items that are in Miss Raffles’s prize box as many requests are already in there.

  4. Epraise time:– Students have asked for some designated time for Epraise. This will be discussed at the next staff meeting taking place on Tuesday 16th January 2018.

  5. Anti-Bullying Child Friendly booklet:– Students voted on certain elements they wanted in the booklet from each forms. It will now be produced and each student will receive a copy before the end of half term. Joel also suggested he made small business cards that reminds all students “At SSSC everyone has the right to feel………” Joel is going to design a prototype and see Mrs England by the end of half term.

  6. Key Stage Assembly:– The first Lower school assembly took place on Friday 12th January at 2.30pm and was a huge success. Upper school assembly will take place on Friday 19th at 2.30pm. These will continue for the rest of the academic year when timetabled in by the Middle Leadership Team.

Thank you to all the students that have participated in School Council this half term. Student Council is an essential part of our school curriculum and I look forward to meeting with you again on Monday 5th March 2018 at 9.05am.


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