• Ben Norman

Summer Term 1: Primary and KS3 Learning Heroes Announced!

Every half term at SSSC, we identify a learning hero, which celebrate a particular characteristic we wish our pupils to show and develop. Form tutors then award a certificate to the pupil within their form who has shown the most effort towards that half terms learning hero characteristic.

The characteristic for this half term is perseverance. Across the school, we have been working hard to emphasise the importance of never giving up no matter how difficult things appear to be. The chosen learning hero relevant to perseverance is Scrat, a prehistoric squirrel from the movie Ice Age, who never gave up when trying to bury an elusive acorn despite the many obstacles he encountered.

Our perseverance winners in Primary and KS3 for this half term are as follows:

Primary 1: Daniel Irvine

Primary 2: Libby Forbes

7A: James Dobson

7B: Ben Reynolds

Y8: Robert Shore

Y9: Olivia Morton

Many congratulations to all of this half terms winners!