• Ben Norman

Theme Production of Gangsta Granny

Updated: May 5, 2021

On Wednesday July 11th, SSSC KS3 pupils performed their annual Theme production. This year’s production was Gangsta Granny based on the popular book by David Walliams.

Pupils in KS3 access Theme twice a week and during these periods, they have food technology, drama, media and art lessons. For the production, which takes place in the final half term, pupils select the lesson they enjoy the most and then produce work relating to the final spectacular production.

The art pupils created all the sets, media pupils created the digital elements, food technology pupils cooked all the delightful food, which was on sale after the show and the drama group performed the production.

The performance was fantastic! Pupils practice and hard work really paid off as they put on a highly entertaining show, which was both hilarious and moving in parts. As with every SSSC production, it contained plenty of singing, jokes and dancing!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to join us for a fantastic afternoon. Shows such as this really emphasise what SSSC is all about in terms of pupils enjoying, exceeding and achieving! As a staff team we are immensely proud of all the pupils’ hard work in putting this together.