• Ben Norman

Theme Trip to the Royal Armouries

On Wednesday the 2nd of May, KS3 Theme students enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Pupils are currently studying the topic of conflict as part of their Theme lessons, so this visit provided the perfect opportunity to learn more about famous battles through the ages.

Pupils spent the morning touring the 5 floors of the museum, led by their Theme teacher. The Royal Armouries is recognised as having one of the world’s greatest collections of arms and armour, with over 70,000 examples of arms, armour, and artillery dating from antiquity to the present day.

After enjoying lunch, pupils then took part in two workshops in the afternoon. The first workshop involved getting a hands on feel of some of the original equipment used during WW1. This included weapons, clothing, cooking utensils, building equipment and armour. Pupils seemed genuinely shocked at the weight of the various items they had the opportunity to handle.

Following on from this pupils moved onto a second workshop, which involved learning how to march like an efficient army and then practising throwing grenades. The marching involving listening closely to a very strict drill sergeant who demanded the highest standards as he attempted to turn us from rabble to refined platoon. We then used beanbags to act as grenades with the challenge being throwing them into a basket 10 metres away.

The Royal Armouries provided an enjoyable and thought-provoking day out for all. Pupil’s behaviour was excellent throughout and they really engaged with the workshop activities.

If anyone is interested in visiting The Royal Armouries for themselves, it is worth noting that admission is FREE.

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