The Hub:

Looking to extend both the range and level of qualifications available to our pupils...

The Hub at Swanwick School and Sports College is for SEN pupils who have a diagnosis of Autism which may have associated complex and /or challenging behaviours. Hub pupils will be within the average ability range but may often struggle to realise their potential.

The Hub is for a maximum of 12 pupils. At the point of admission pupils will be in Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4. However the decision on placement will be made by the Local Authority dependent on the mix of pupils already attending, and on individual assessment by SSSC staff.

The Hub sits within the SSSC site but is a separate building to the main school. The Hub operates flexibility in co-operation with the main SSSC site, mainstream schools and alternative educational programme providers, depending on the individual needs of each pupil. Wherever it is appropriate young people attending The Hub access some or all of their education alongside the existing pupil population of SSSC in order to build and improve their social skills. Whilst the existing pupils within SSSC may have a range of other learning needs the main school classrooms offer a non threatening environment for positive social interaction, role modelling and observation.

As pupils in The Hub are in the average ability range we are looking to extend both the range and level of qualifications available to our pupils as they progress into Key Stage 4 including GCSEs where applicable. We also have links with mainstream schools in order to offer our young people the chance to access some of their education within a mainstream environment if we feel this supports the young person’s academic and social development.

The Hub is designed as an extension of the provision that is already available in Derbyshire through mainstream schools and Autism Resource Centres and is designed to support pupils with the most complex and significant needs associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders.