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Promoting an inclusive environment for all...

At SSSC we have Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy on site.  The therapists work in collaboration with education staff to provide the service that the individual pupils require both directly and indirectly.  Both therapists provide recommendations for class programmes and in-class support to promote an inclusive environment for all.  Therapists will complete individual assessments when required and may create bespoke therapy plans with recommendations and/or strategies.  This may include regular therapy work with the therapist and/or education staff.   The therapists aim to enable the pupil to be as independent as possible to complete daily life skills.


Occupational Therapy

Helen Cragg is our Occupational Therapist who is employed through Children’s Choice Therapy Services (

Helen is in school once a week on a Friday.

The Occupational Therapist may support your child in enabling them to access every day activities and school life by:

  • Promoting a suitable learning environment in respect of sensory processing.

  • Creating a sensory diet.

  • Developing fine motor skills, including handwriting skills.

  • Developing gross motor skills

  • Improving a pupil’s seating and posture

  • Developing daily life skill activities such as self-care.

  • Making recommendations for materials/tools to facilitate learning/daily living.

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Speech and Language Therapy

Emmy Birkin is our Speech and Language Therapist who is employed through SJ Therapy Services.  (


Emmy is in school twice a week on a Thursday and Friday.  

The speech and language therapist works with identified pupils who need support with their communication and interaction skills.   A pupil may receive an individual therapy plan, work in a small communication group with peers and/or have a programme provided by the therapist that is carried out by school staff within the classroom. 

The Speech and Language Therapist may support your child with:

  • Speech sounds

  • Attention and listening skills

  • Turn taking skills

  • Vocabulary skills

  • Receptive language skills

  • Expressive language

  • Visually supportive techniques

  • Alternative and Augmentative communication

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