School is closed to students on our INSET days - Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December 2023


Establishing robust links with our parents/carers is vital as for most we do not have daily face-to-face contact. At SSSC we offer a Pastoral Team consisting of the Co Headteachers, SENCo, Positive Support Team and Family Liaison Workers. Their role is to develop close working relationships with parents and carers to ensure our young people have access to the opportunities and services they are entitled.
The Pastoral Team have designated roles and responsibilities and work in collaboration with each other and outside agencies to ensure support if given to both the students and their families.

The FLW will work with individual families more intensively and attend meetings such as Annual Reviews, EHA’s and Child in Need meetings.
This role also allows closer working relationships between the school and other agencies such as CAMHs and Social Care.
The Family Liaison Workers work with young people identified by the school as requiring more support. Parents and carers are also welcome to contact the school and speak with the Family Liaison Workers directly.

Effective communication between home and school is crucial. Home/School books are in operation across the school for ensuring a daily line of communication as necessary. All staff will contact parent/carers by phone if there is an immediate need to do so and vice versa. The school has app which enables us to communicate quickly and directly to parent/carers. We provide parent/carers with: an Annual and Mid Term Report on their child’s progress, an Annual Review / EHCP meeting and two parent/carers’ evenings focusing on reviewing and setting personal skills targets.

What to do if you have concerns/worries: In the first instance please contact the school and ask to speak to the relevant member of staff if your concerns cannot be resolved please see Complaints Procedure.


We welcome visits to the school from prospective parent/carers. If you want a place at this school for your child you need to inform DCC SEN (01629 580000). The school will receive consultation papers and will decide whether they can meet the needs of your child. The Local Authority will then make a decision on whether a place is offered. If your child is offered a place with us a member of staff will contact either their current school, home or both. Appropriate transition will then be organised.