Helping our pupils with their next steps...

At our SSSC our aim is for each individual to transition from us with the skills and tools needed to move on to their next steps. Our curriculum is highly personalised and focuses on supporting students to become more independent in all aspects of their lives.

As part of our careers provision students are given the opportunity to engage in work experience placements, visits to other education and training establishments to to raise awareness and understanding of what opportunities are available to them. 

Employability Challenges Faced:

​The Big Picture:

  • 65% of adults with learning difficulties want a paid job but only 6% do

  • 1:20 children in the UK are ‘disabled’

  • 6.7 million disabled people in the UK are of  working age

  • 50% are in work compared with 80% non-disabled people

  • 1.3 million people who are disabled want to work but don’t

  • 25% of people with a disability have no qualification compared to 9% nondisabled people

  • The average hourly rate of pay for people with a disability is 10% lower than non-disabled people

  • If the unemployment rates  were the same for people with a  disability and those who are non-disabled, the economy would lift by £13 billion​

The Local Picture:

  • Information to be added

Employer Case Studies and Testimonials:

Jacques Palmer: Careers and Employability Worker - Direct Education Business Partnership


Jacques worked with our Y11 pupils in providing a series of workshops based around the topic of careers, employability raising aspirations. As part of this Jacques also arranged for our pupils to visit The Derby Conference Centre for a behind the scenes tour and a look at all the different careers based in one venue. 


Jacques comments regarding his experience of working with SSSC can be seen below:

"Thank you for having me, I really enjoyed my time in school. I hope that the programme was what you envisioned and that the students gained some insights into the world of work. Both your students and staff are a credit to you and your school."

Employer Opportunities:

We would be delighted to discuss any opportunites for our pupils to gain work experience from all sectors of work. If you feel your organisation could provide suitable experiences to enhance our students employability skills then please complete the contact form below.

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