Instilling pupils with self esteem, confidence, independence and team work...

PE and School Sport is an integral part of each student’s life at SSSC. We use PE and School Sport to transform the lives of our pupils; instilling them with self-esteem, confidence, independence and team work.

Most importantly we develop our students’ ability to challenge themselves and succeed. This enables each young person to begin to unlock their full potential in PE, but most importantly in all aspects of their lives.

Students in Key Stage 2 receive 2 hours of PE each week. These sessions are designed to build on and develop their fundamental movement skills and develop the strengths they need for later life. Pupils also access a weekly swimming session. 

Each student in Key Stage 3 and 4 currently receives 3 hours of PE per week and 6 weeks of swimming per year.

In Key Stage 3 our pupils follow a prescribed curriculum and have a variety of options including handball, basketball, football, tennis, rounders, softball, cricket, dance, gymnastics and trampolining.

In Key Stage 4 pupils have the option to choose their own pathway of activities that are categorised into 3 strands: performance, creative and recreation. This enables them to develop a positive attitude towards lifelong activity as well as achieving their potential when accessing qualifications in OCR Entry Level GCSE PE or Cambridge Nationals.

All children have access to meaningful competitive opportunities at all levels of the school games structure. This includes intra-house competitions alongside school and county competitions.

Our curriculum is further enhanced by a number of enriching activities. Each year we host a ‘Gym and Dance Display’ where our pupils perform rehearsed routine to parents and carers. This is a fantastic opportunity for all of our pupils to showcase what they are capable of, whilst also celebrating their achievements.

We also provide an annual ski trip to Samoens, France. This opportunity is open to all pupils in SSSC and is heavily subsidised by our school. It really is a once in a lifetime experience that enables our pupils to access a sport that they may not have experienced before.

Throughout their time at SSSC, pupils will be able to participate in a number of residential opportunities. These range from one-night camping stays to multi-day experiences involving numerous outdoor activities. 

Overall, we want PE at SSSC to be a fun, and rewarding subject that acts as a gateway for pupils engaging in lifelong physical activity.  


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