School will be closed to pupils on 4th July 2024 due to the site being used as a polling station.


Medication in School
No medicines (prescribed or non-prescription) will be allowed into school unless accompanied by a fully completed consent form completed by a parent or guardian (form located below).
Medicines will only be accepted in their original container with the dispensing label clearly stating as a minimum the name of the young person, the name of the dispensing pharmacy, date of dispensing, name of medicine, amount of medicine dispensed and strength , the dose and how often to take it and if necessary any cautions or warning messages.  Non-prescription medicines should be in their original bottle/containers clearly labelled with the young person’s name.

Any medicines not provided in the original containers, appropriately labelled and with a fully completed parental consent form will not be administered.  In the event that the school decided not to administer the medicine the parent/carer will be informed immediately so they can make alternative arrangements for the medicine to be administered.