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Life Skills Key Stage 3

At Swanwick School and Sports College we aim to prepare our pupils to become as independent as possible. Life Skills is an essential part of our curriculum and has been specifically designed to cater for the ever changing needs of our young people. Life Skills is delivered as three standalone lessons every week but also threaded throughout our curriculum on a daily basis.

The Key Stage 3 Life Skills curriculum has been designed to incorporate essential Life Skills that are crucial in promoting independence for later life. Each objective has been carefully written to ensure age appropriate delivery is apparent irrelevant of their baseline. Objectives and strands will be delivered sensitively and through various methods and styles. Prior knowledge will be revisited and consolidated whilst stretching students understanding with an underpinning of independence and keeping safe.

Pupils are able to develop their skills and build their confidence in a supportive environment which can then lead onto more complex objectives in Key stage 4 and where appropriate gain a qualification from the Princes Trust.

Time Management KS3:
  • I can tell the time – analogue clock face
  • I can tell the time – digital
  • I an convert between 12 and 24 hours
  • I can tell you the days of the week & months of the year chronologically
  • I can read a simple timetable
  • I can tell you what a leap year is
  • I know how many seconds are in a minute
  • I know how many hours are in a day
  • I can use/set an alarm clock
  • I can estimate a set period of time (i.e. 5mins/ten mins etc)
  • I can complete a task in an appropriate time
  • I can get to my lesson on time independently

Money KS3:
  • I can identify all the different coins confidently
  • I know which coin or note is worth the most
  • I know about pocket money and savings
  • I can prepare correct amounts of money for a variety of items
  • I know the cost of basic everyday items
  • I can check the change is accurate when one item is purchased
  • I understand where money comes from
  • I know about wages for specific jobs
  • I know the minimum wage

Interpersonal Skills KS3:
  • I can ask for help
  • I know who the emergency services are and know what to do if a situation arose
  • I can recognise when I feel angry/upset/anxious
  • I can tell someone if I feel worried or upset
  • I can calm myself down
  • I can make a choice
  • I can give my opinions/ideas in front of my peers
  • I can listen to others and remember facts
  • I can speak appropriately to others
  • I can allow others to have different views and understand we are all differernt
  • I can move on from something that has upset me and not hold grudges
  • I can let people speak without interrupting
  • I can tell how someone is feeling
  • I can use positive body language
  • I can recognise negative body language
  • I know what personal space is

Friendships and Relationships KS3:
  • I can make and keep friends
  • I know what makes a good friend
  • I can sort things out if I have an argument without adult help
  • I know what bullying is
  • I know the different types of bullying
  • I know what online bullying is and how to keep safe online
  • I am aware of CEOP
  • I know what to do if I am being bullied
  • I know the difference between friend and girlfriend/boyfriend
  • I understand what puberty is and the changes to a male and female body
  • I know the law regarding sex (Consent)
  • I know what behaviour is appropriate with my girlfriend/boyfriend
  • I understand what is meant by reproduction and safe sex

Home Management, Cooking & Laundry KS3:
  • I know why it is important to wash my hands before cooking
  • I can wash pots
  • I can dry pots
  • I can put pots away in the correct place
  • I can load a dishwasher
  • I can unload a dishwasher
  • I can keep my bedroom tidy
  • I can make my bed
  • I can strip my bed
  • I can put fresh covers on my bed
  • I can hoover
  • I can dust
  • I can mop the floor
  • I can recognise kitchen appliances and know how to use some
  • I know what a balanced diet is
  • I can use a knife and fork and behave appropriately at the dinner table
  • I can use a toaster safely
  • I can use an oven safely
  • I can make simple cold drinks
  • I can use a kettle and make a hot drink safely
  • I can use a microwave safely
  • I can take my clothes out of the washing machine
  • I can wash my clothes in a washing machine
  • I can hang my washed clothes on a line
  • I can dry my clothes using a dryer
  • I can iron my clothes
  • I can fold my clothes and put them away

Travel KS3:
  • Personal safety – I can keep myself safe in the community
  • I can use road crossings safely
  • I can use a local bus with support
  • I can read simple bus timetables
  • I can use a train with adult support
  • I can use a tram with adult support
  • I know where to find information regarding various transport options
  • I can ride a bike
  • I can ask for directions or help if lost

Shopping KS3:
  • I can make a shopping list
  • I can pack food items
  • I understand best before dates
  • I understand use by dates
  • I can identify different aisles
  • I can ask for help from a shop assistant
  • I can shop within a budget
  • I can pay for food items
  • I can select the right money/estimate cost
  • I can find shops online
  • I can check my change/receipt
  • I know how to pay for items using a self checkout
  • I know how to pay for items at a checkout
  • I can behave appropriately in a variety of shops

Hobbies KS3:
  • I have interests out of school
  • I do regular exercise and can gives examples of these
  • I can take part in a sport that I enjoy
  • I know my local area – things to do, shops and parks
  • I know about local groups I can join

Personal Skills KS3:
I can wash under my arms without reminders
  • I wash my face every morning
  • I can wash my private parts without reminders
  • I can put deodorant on
  • I can brush my teeth for 2 minutes twice a day
  • I can brush my hair independently and style it
  • I can put my shoes on the correct feet without help
  • I can recognise changes to my body and how to deal with them
  • I can be aware when I need to change my clothes
  • I can treat a minor cut on myself
  • I can tie my own shoelaces
  • I can get dressed appropriately for the activity/weather