The last day of term is Tuesday 23rd July

Computing and IT

Equipping pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world...

Underpinning the intent are key concepts and National Curriculum statements. These are further refined with key substantive and disciplinary concepts.


Substantive Concept


Computer Science:

The technical design. The design of new software, the solution to computing problems and the development of different ways to use technology


Information Technology:

The technical knowledge. The design, use and understanding of hardware and software, computers and electronic systems for storing and using information.

Digital Literacy:

The technical skills. The ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate and communicate information.


Disciplinary Concept



Using and writing codes to produce instructions and algorithms; to solve problems; to test and use logic.


Being able to safely, efficiently and confidently digitally connect with others.


Being able to safely, efficiently and confidently use apps and information technology to communicate ideas.


Being able to safely, efficiently and confidently find, evaluate, store, sort and use appropriate data.



All students in SSSC have a weekly Computing and IT lesson.

 For the Primary and Nurture classes knowledge and skills are taught under themes and are also embedded within other curriculum areas.

In KS3 all students have a weekly Computing and IT lesson. This incorporates all of the aspects of the Computing curriculum.

Within KS4 all pupils are entered for appropriate qualifications and accreditation in IT and Computing. Qualifications include the BTEC Work skills award, Princes Trust units, along with IT relevant units from the suite of ASDAN Lifeskills Challenges.

KS4 students can also choose to do Computing as an option and as such they can work towards achieving an OCR L1/2 Award in iMedia.