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Careers and Employability News

The latest Careers and Employability news at SSSC...

April 24, 2024 - Careers 

Year 10 pupils have all been interviewed by our careers advisor Jacques Palmer. As part of this interview they have all identified some dream jobs that they would like to do in future. Work has begun to provide external work experiences in these industries. We have links to Derbyshire education and business partnership who are leading a supported insights scheme which will provide four students in year 10 with the opportunity to work within CBE+ Engineering in Chesterfield on a weekly basis. Other year 10 students will all have the opportunity to work within their chosen industry using local providers.

Oct 17, 2023 - KS4 Darwin Forest Visit
Year 10 visited Darwin Forest, a luxury lodge accommodation site in the Peak District as part of their careers education. Students visited the leisure facilities, housekeeping area, restaurant, shop and reception area and had talks from each areas manager. The talks focussed on the job roles available in each area and the key skills needed for employment in the sector. The feedback we have received from both Darwin Forest and the Derbyshire Business and Education Partnership was that our pupils were ‘outstanding!’.

Sep 8, 2022 - Careers Guidance

SSSC are delighted to announce that as part of our work in enhancing our Careers curriculum we will be offering one-to-one Careers Guidance to all pupils in Key Stage 4 and Year 9 during this academic year.

We have Jacques Palmer, a trained Careers and Employability worker, from the Derbyshire Educational Business Partnership coming into school each week to deliver this guidance. An introduction to Jacques can be found on the following page.

We are aiming to ensure our pupils have the best opportunity of finding employment of meaningful work-related opportunities and enter adulthood as independently as possible, and this guidance will provide:

• 1:1 career guidance interview
• Application and interview techniques
• Information on career pathways
• Careers information for Parents/Carers
• Student decision making
• Exploring future opportunities
• Supporting positive transition
• Resilience support

Jacques will provide any individual support needed to help plan our students career pathways. Information from each of your child’s guidance meetings will be posted home to you so you can be kept up to date with their thoughts and aspirations for the future and how they can achieve them.

Click below to download an introduction to Jacques:

Sep 26, 2022 The Treat Kitchen Project

Key Stage 4 pupils studying our brand new Creative Digital qualification have started an exciting partnership with The Treat Kitchen (TTK), a creative food gifting company based in Nottingham.

This year we wanted to provide a qualification that promotes industry standard digital skills and allows pupils to engage in real-world projects. Through this course pupils will learn a broad range of technical skills including film and photography, graphic design, video editing, website creation and special effects.

TTK are providing a range of opportunities for pupils to engage in - including producing content for the business that they can then use within their advertising campaigns. SSSC received a package of goods from TTK this week in order to get a feel for some of the fantastic products they sell around the world.

Pupils are visiting the TTK store and factory in a few weeks’ time to see first-hand the organisations branding, ethos and values - allowing them to really capture the key concepts of the organisation and get an insight of TTK for themselves.

To find out more about TTK and to order some incredible treats please visit their website: or follow them on Instagram @treatkitchengifting.
May 12, 2023 - Derbyshire County Cricket Ground
Today our year 10 and 11 Physical Education group went to Derbyshire County Cricket Ground to watch them play Gloucestershire. We also were lucky enough to be treated very well by Derbyshire who invited us on a tour of the ground and facilities. We were able to see the indoor cricket facilities, BBC Radio Derby commentary box, YouTube streaming centre and the media centre. Jane (Derbyshire County Cricket and International scorer) and Jess (Inclusion officer for Derbyshire County Cricket Club) showed us around the site and explained the many job roles that are involved in a cricket match. We learnt about the history of the club and the ground and were even able to demonstrate the cricket skills we have been practicing in our lessons. A truly memorable and interesting day

Sep 29, 2022 Virtual Amazon Tour

On Thursday 29th October our KS4 Nurture group took part in a live virtual Amazon tour. They visited various sites across the UK and saw behind the scenes how the world’s largest company operates.

The live virtual tour followed the path of products as they moved through the Amazon fulfilment centres, focusing on six main processes: Receive, Stow, Pick, Pack, SLAM, and Ship.

The tour introduced them to a number of job roles and allowed them to see some of the incredible machinery and processes that makes Amazon such a success.

Pupils really enjoyed the tour and asked the presenters some fantastic questions to finish!

Oct 20, 2022 Treat Kitchen Visit

On Thursday 20th October our Key Stage 4 Creative Digital class visited The Treat Kitchen (TTK) Headquarters. The Treat Kitchen is a creative food gifting company based in Nottingham.

TTK are providing a range of opportunities for pupils to engage in - including producing content for the business that they can then use within their advertising campaigns.

Upon arrival pupils sat in the boardroom and had an introduction to the company from one of its owners Jess Barnett. Jess provided a real in-sight into the brand values, how it operates and the various job roles involved in ensuring TTK is sold within major retailers across the country.

Pupils then visited the organisations factory and had a behind the scenes tour of the production and packing facility - including the chance to taste some samples!

The final part of the trip involved pupils making the short walk to the nearby Victoria Centre to visit the Treat Kitchens shop. They had the chance to see some of the products and branding first hand on the shelves. We then visited some other stores nearby to review competitor products and see which sold TTK products.

Pupils had a great day and really impressed with their willingness to ask questions and show such interest in how a business such as this operates.

Dec 11, 2022 University of Sheffield Trip

On Tuesday 6th December our Y11 pupils visited the University of Sheffield for a tour of campus and the opportunity to meet with some current students.

Pupils found out all about life as a student, how their days look, the reasons for attending university, what living halls are like and some of the challenge’s students face. Pupils had the opportunity to interview and listen to the stories of 3 current students who each access the disability support service at the university.

Pupils then visited various areas across campus - including some of the libraries, classrooms, a lecture hall and some of the historic buildings dotted around the huge city centre site.

Pupils had a fantastic day and it proved an enlightening visit informing them all about what university is, what it looks like and why people may wish to attend.