School will be closed to pupils on 4th July 2024 due to the site being used as a polling station.

Creative Explorers

At Swanwick School and Sports College we want children to develop skills for independence, the arts, teamwork and a love for the outdoors. Creative Explores is a subject which combines elements of Forest Schools, Outdoor Learning and Horticulture in order to enhance and support the wider curriculum. 

In Primary and Nurture children access Creative Explorers through dedicated weekly sessions and Cognition pupils will access one half term a year of Creative Explorers through their life skills lessons. 

In addition, KS4 pupils can choose to access a range of Horticulture qualifications through our options offer. 

In Creative Explorers' pupils will take part in a range of hands on, outdoor activities, such as – building shelters, planting and maintaining the forest, identifying and learning to support different wildlife - which are carefully planned to link to their wider curriculum. 

Creative Explorers is designed to support children in developing their self-awareness and self-confidence as well as supporting the wider curriculum.