School will be closed to pupils on 4th July 2024 due to the site being used as a polling station.

Positive Support

Raising Self-Esteem of children and young people...
The Positive play programme at SSSC is part of the Derbyshire County Council Behaviour Support Service Early Intervention Strategy.

The aim of this strategy is to raise the self-esteem of children and young people, helping the access their curriculum so they can achieve their true potential.

Our positive play members of staff deliver this programme at SSSC in our dedicated sensory areas through a series of structured activities and play such as games, PSHE, therapeutic stories, creative activities, anger management puppets in practice and imaginative play.

As play is a natural medium, which helps children and young people, we believe it enables the young people to make sense of the world in a positive constructive way in an environment that is both friendly and caring.

Each identified child has access to two 25 minute sessions per week at SSSC.