School will be closed to pupils on 4th July 2024 due to the site being used as a polling station.

Parental Comments

When asked what our parents/carers like most about Swanwick School and Sports College they said...

Parental Comments:

"Inclusive to all."

"Excellent communication from all staff. Very friendly atmosphere. Very Therapeutic approach to caring for our daughter and meeting her complex needs."

"The school has a dedicated, professional and 'very' approachable team of staff to both my daughter and myself. The school has a consistently welcoming, friendly and caring vibe. The staff are also continually successful in helping the students respect each other and continue relentlessly to encourage confidence and self-esteem within every student."

"The approachability of the staff, and the excellent memory of the receptionists. Concerns are dealt with speedily and appropriately."

"The atmosphere, the way the teachers are always welcoming and approachable, how friendly people are. The way the children are looked after."

"Very supportive and listen to my concerns."

"The school benefits from its size, and this has been a huge benefit for to our child. There is always somebody that can be contacted with any questions we may have, and the staff are welcoming and hard working. Where there have been issues, the staff we have spoken with have worked hard to ensure they are resolved. Our child has made an incredible amount of progress since starting the school."

"School works well with the sport ethos and has good links with community."

"Staff are approachable and always supportive."

"My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since she began attending the school. Her confidence has bloomed."

"My daughter enjoys coming to school along with all the activities that she takes part in."

"My son is thriving and that’s because of the support and encouragement he receives every day."

"Everything my son is very happy there."

"Secure safe environment."

"The teachers and other staff are very approachable. They are understanding and proactive with any problems that arise."

"Positive approach to education and the enthusiasm shown by the staff."

"Friendly approach from the staff."

"Always polite when I have a query over the phone."

"The staff are amazing! Friendly, helpful and go over and above for the kids! Simply amazing!"

"The way that all children with both physical and neurological difficulties can work together and help each other."

"Staff trained in teaching my son in the way he learns."

"They have the balance just right for academic work and social skills for their students. Our son goes and comes back happily and doesn't feel too much pressure. It is great he can just be himself."