Reminder - school will be closed to pupils on Thursday 2nd May for Polling Day


“Science is being able to take absolute delight, in being proved incorrect”
Professor Brian Cox

In Science at Swanwick School and Sports College, we want our pupils to question and challenge the world around them. We want pupils to look at the world around them, and ask; How? Why? When? What?

We want to equip pupils with the investigative skills in order to answer their own questions, and to make, test, and review their hypothesises. If they are proved incorrect, we want them to accept and understand why this is the case.

We will provide pupils with opportunities to develop their interests in Science. Regular educational visits will provide pupils with an understanding of how Science is at the core of industry in the UK. Opportunities to discover careers in Science will be provided.

Throughout the school pupils follow appropriate elements of the national curriculum. We have a progressive curriculum with pupils able to access age appropriate qualifications in Key Stage 4, such as ASDAN life skill challenges,  AQA Entry Level and AQA GCSE certificates. Progress will be measured in numerous ways and feedback given to pupils regularly. Our full curriculum can be seen on the curriculum page of the website.

Above all, Science will be fun, exciting and engaging.