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Framework and Qualifications for Students

Careers - Framework for Students:
Helping our pupils with their next steps...

​The framework for students in Year 10 is to focus on:

Knowledge of themselves: recognising their interests, personal qualities, skills and to build on strengths and achievements, and to realise their ambitions in life and as preparation for the decisions they will need to make in year 11.

Looking at opportunities open to them through the knowledge of the world of work, the different training and education routes open to them at the end of year 11 and the importance and value of qualifications.

Skills in decision making enabling them to make informed, sensible choices ready for the transition to year 11.

Skills in target setting, helping the students to understand the importance of goals, ambitions and how target setting will help them to achieve their goals.

The framework for students in Year 11 is to focus on:

To use their knowledge gained in Year 10 to make an informed decision on their choice of Post 16 provision by the end of year 11.To prepare and understand the Post 16 options available to the students through research and visits and equip them with the practical skills needed to look for and obtain places in further and higher education, training and eventually employment.

To know about the world of work, education and training routes and the value of qualifications.

To help students to understand the importance of goals and ambitions and how setting targets will help them to achieve their goals. To develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development and career progression.

To attend SEND Skills Festival to gather information on areas of interest to themselves. To visit a variety of Colleges, Sixth Form centres and independent training providers to enable them to make informed sensible choices.

To encourage and assist the students and parent/carers with making decisions about their choice of Post 16 provision. To work with each student in school by completing application forms for their chosen Post 16 placements and to prepare them for interviews and how to communicate effectively.

Bespoke one to one support is given to each student and their parents/ carers at their college/ sixth form/ independent provider interview. This is the same whether the support may be required for just one interview or in some cases multiple. This will also include transporting students and parents / carers if required.

Work Skills Qualification:

The students work towards another nationally recognised qualification through the exam board BTEC in Year 11. This focus is on a specific unit titled “Work Skills” which enables the students to:

  • Select suitable job opportunities
  • Complete documents in support of a job opportunity
  • Identify own skills, qualities and experience, e.g. self-reflection, self-analysis
  • Handle information, e.g. selecting suitable job opportunities
  • Present personal information, e.g. organising information effectively, creating a positive impression, targeting the job opportunity criteria

This qualification gives the students the confidence required for a successful transition into a new learning environment at the end of year 11. The course covers how Post 16 placements will differ from a school setting and how expectations may differ. It also helps the students to have a smoother transition through a greater understanding of the courses available and gives them the additional courage to be motivated and succeed.

All students throughout the careers programme are encouraged to be self-motivated and fully involved in their learning to enable them to take responsibility for their own decisions and career planning in preparation for adult responsibilities.