The last day of term is Tuesday 23rd July


Solving real-world problems...
Mathematics is important in everyday life and is taught in a variety of ways at Swanwick School and Sports College to support lifelong learning. We tailor the learning within Mathematics to individual needs to allow students to reach their full potential.

It is important Mathematics learning is practical and visual, which encourages pupils to develop reasoning and make connections with their learning. Active learning, exploring, creating and thinking critically are important skills. We aim to make independent learners, who can select equipment they need to meet a challenge.

At Swanwick School and Sports College, we teach ‘themed’ weeks for each area of maths. These topics are repeated throughout the year in line with the National Curriculum expectations. This is extremely beneficial for our students, as they have multiple opportunities throughout the year to grasp an area they are less confident in. To equip our students for lifelong learning, we use maths objectives to steer our learning towards ‘real-life maths’, which in turn develops functional skills and allows our students to make vital links between their learning and the wider environment. Teaching in this particular style focuses heavily on students understanding mathematical vocabulary and being able to apply this in a range of contexts such as budgeting, shopping, timetables etc.

We strive for pupils to be resilient and show perseverance in their maths work. We support our students to develop the skills they need to tackle problems, by having a classroom culture where all students are developing a confidence to ‘have a go’ and one where questioning and deep thinking are valued.

Age appropriate qualifications that are achieved included SATs, OCR Entry Level examinations, Functional Skills assessments and GCSEs. Teachers of Mathematics in the school ensure that the students are fully prepared before entering any assessments.