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Covering Art, Media, Drama and Food Technology...

At SSSC our Theme Curriculum is a combined selection of subjects that are delivered uniquely by incorporating four tailored foundation subjects through one thematic approach.

The Theme groups are divided into four year groups. Each year group will access Media, Drama, Food Technology and Art for one lesson a week. Theme is taught by subject specialist staff for four periods a week

The thematic approach developed through Theme allows students a variety of cross curricular links and the opportunity to partake in regular educational visits and study sensitive and essential life skill topics. 


This academic year 2023-2024 we are studying the following Themes.

Term 1:- Celebrations and Festivals
Term 2:- Africa
Term 3:- Seas and Oceans
Term 4:- Famous Historical Events
Term 5:- The Olympics
Term 6:- Reflection/Production