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Life Skills Overview

Preparing our pupils to be independent...
At Swanwick School and Sports College we believe in providing a Life Skills curriculum that is embedded throughout all that we offer. Our programme of study focuses on preparing our students to become successful, resilient, productive individuals that can succeed in the ever changing climate of the 21st century.

The Life Skills curriculum centres on 9 essential skills that will enable our young people to enjoy, achieve and exceed creating a well-rounded, self-aware young person.

The Life Skills curriculum has been specifically designed to promote independent living skills, safeguarding and everyday essential skills. The curriculum has been broken down into nine key areas including; time, money, interpersonal, friendships, home management, travel, shopping, hobbies and personal skills. The curriculum has also been split into Primary, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This program of study allows for specific objectives to be included where appropriate as pupils’ progress through the school. The Life Skills curriculum ensures pupils are given a series of lessons that are carefully differentiated ensuring all our young people achieve their potential irrelevant of their need or ability.

At SSSC we enable our pupils to access and contribute meaningfully in society and to become as independent as possible in terms of developing their sense of self, completing everyday tasks, developing relationships and opportunities for work. Without additional support to develop these skills, pupils are at risk of becoming excluded from situations and experiences that are taken for granted by the majority of society.
Life Skills is delivered as a standalone lesson every Friday for the entire afternoon whilst also being integrated throughout the entire SSSC curriculum. At SSSC we also have an annual week dedicated to Life Skills as well as Life Skills days that focus on specific SMSC issues relevant of this ever changing climate. In Key Stage 4 students are able to achieve a variety of qualifications within the Life Skills curriculum including the Princes Trust.

Please use the links below to view specific information regarding our Life Skills curriculum across each key stage.