School will be closed to pupils on 4th July 2024 due to the site being used as a polling station.

Hudson's Garden Centre Visit

This half term in Creative Explorers we are working on planting and growing, so this week during our session we took Nurture 4 to Hudson’s Garden Centre in Duffield. The pupils had the opportunity to buy their own plants and identify plants given on their lists, as well as learn some names of plants they found interesting.

All of the pupils had a wonderful time and as always behaviour was impeccable. Hudson’s said how happy they were with all of our pupils and would welcome us all back anytime.

The pupils received a goodie bag each with a pair of gloves, some seeds and a little plant for the classroom windowsill, at the end of our visit we had time to have a drink in the café which all the pupils loved.

This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to develop key skills using money to buy things as well as use their social skills to ask members of staff where plants were and develop their interest in gardening and planting.

We are very pleased with the conduct of all the pupils on the trip and will gladly take them again in the peak growing season to help beautify the school grounds and give the pupils more opportunities to use money and develop their skills.