School is closed to students on our INSET days - Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December 2023

University of Sheffield Trip

On Tuesday 6th December our Y11 pupils visited the University of Sheffield for a tour of campus and the opportunity to meet with some current students.

Pupils found out all about life as a student, how their days look, the reasons for attending university, what living halls are like and some of the challenge’s students face. Pupils had the opportunity to interview and listen to the stories of 3 current students who each access the disability support service at the university.

Pupils then visited various areas across campus - including some of the libraries, classrooms, a lecture hall and some of the historic buildings dotted around the huge city centre site.

Pupils had a fantastic day and it proved an enlightening visit informing them all about what university is, what it looks like and why people may wish to attend.