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KS4 Drama Group Pantomime Trip

The KS4 Drama group attended Derby arena's Pantomime, Mother Goose. A good time was had by all. Staring Coronations' street's Todd Boyce and award-winning Dame Morgan Brind. Mrs Frost's friend Kristian Cunningham  also starred in the leading cast and soaked her with a water gun! Mother Goose is a fun story of a loving family and a magical goose that lays golden eggs. It was cracking! 


'I liked the upbeat music and funny jokes'  

'I loved the Italian restaurant scene, it was very funny' 

'I liked it when Mrs Frost got drenched by the super soaker'  

'My Favourite character was Benny, he was very entertaining' 

'The special effects were amazing ,especially  when the glitter fell from the ceiling' 

'The super soaker and the giant egg was fun'